Pauline Stevens

I was at your office yesterday for a root canal. I wanted to let you know how pleasant and courteous your staff and nurses were to me. It is so hard to find an office who offers such wonderful service to its patients. I felt welcomed the minute I walked in the door. I was so impressed. I wanted to let you know how much I appreciated you and your staff.
Thank you.


Larry Green

I'm not even a patient here but while waiting for my wife I kept hearing the front desk thank the clients. "Thanks for calling, how may I help you," "thank you for coming today," "thank you and if you need anything else, give us a call right away." I finally got up and asked the front desk where I could find a general dentist that operated with such efficiency and kindness. The front office "flows" and the kindness they offer certainly makes visiting the dentist a pleasurable experience. Thank you for going the extra mile and extending yourself to your customers. I appreciate it.


Joanne Bader

Thank you for the root canal you did for me this month... Your kind assistant, Heidi, is a gem. Please keep her forever and pay her a zillion dollars. Best Wishes for a good summer.


Terrie Sloan

The only thing worse then having a root canal, is trying to give a root canal to a big baby! I hope I wasn't too bad for you all. Thank you for your kindness.


Martha Uhl

I was extremely nervous and your patience and explantions throughout the procedure really helped. I was impressed with how quickly we got through it and I've experienced very little discomfort or pain. Thanks again.


Myra Fite

Dr. Davies,
I was very impressed with the care and results. I hope I never need another root canal but I would highly recommend your care!


Amy Huss

This was my 1st root canal. Dr. Davies was wonderful as well as his assistant. I will definitely recommend him to anyone.


Kathleen Greiwe

He's my hero. He found the problem and he solved it.


Dana Chapman

Thank you so much for helping me on Friday and taking me out of the pain I was in! Your kindness and thoughtfulness meant a lot to me. Thank you again!


Ann Goldbach

Everyone, from the first phone call of needing help, to my checking out, was very kind, helpful, compassionate, and professional. I would recommend Dr. Davies and his staff to anyone in need of his services. Thanks you!



Dr. Davies is not only skillful and professional, he takes extra measures in making an unwanted trip to the endodontist a comfortable and pain-free experience. I can't imagine for one second considering another endodontist. I can't imagine recommending another endodontist to anyone I care about. Actually, I would tell a complete stranger about Dr. Davies!


Joseph Lacks

From my first call for an appointment, through the dental procedure, you and your staff displayed a well organized most professional and caring approach to my treatment. I would especially like to thank Heidi for her kind care and attention to my comfort during the procedure.


Jeff Kahn

Office experience was fantastic. Felt no pain at all. Everyone very nice and comforting!


Patricia McCue

Thank you for making a difficult time easier. My favorite thing to tell people these days... if you ever need a root canal, I know a great place to go!


Marilyn McHenry

Having already had a root canal many "moons" ago, I was quite surprised at how quickly this one was done. Dr. Davies was very kind and gentle. This is a great place for root canals.


Phyllis Bare

Your staff made me feel like they had known me for years. The girls in your office along with your skills allowed me to walk out with a smile on my face and a feeling like they really cared. Thanks you.


Cathy Peters

I still just cannot believe it. I couldn't wait to tell everyone back at the office how smooth everything went, especially those with the horror stories.


Dan Meyer

Frankly, if I had my choice, I would much rather do something else than have a root canal procedure. Having said that, given that I really needed one, I want you to know how much I appreciate the skill, professional manner and sensitivity with which you both approach the task.